Top 6 Travel Tips To Protect Your Home

Are you getting ready to head out for Spring Break? Here are some great tips to help keep your home protected while allowing you to enjoy your very well deserved vacation.

1. Ask for help- The easiest way to get piece of mind is to ask a relative, friend, or neighbor to simply drive by your home, check your mail, or even give them a key and have them take a quick tour inside your home.

2. Lights- How many people have their house glowing all night long when you are away? Is your house normally that way? Lighting up your house will not keep strangers away, it might actually set off a red flag that you actually are gone. Try purchasing a programmable light switch timer so your lights can sporadically turn on and off automatically.

3. Social media can be our friend or our enemy- Posting details about your upcoming vacation or posting photos during your vacation can tip off strangers on the web that are searching for their next home to target. Even if your profiles are private, hackers and burglars know how to find the information they are searching for. Wait until after you get home to brag about all the amazing places you have visited or things you have done.

4. Voicemail/Email- When people go on vacation, they want to make sure that friends, clients, customers know that they are gone so they do not think they are not responding to their calls or emails. Make sure that your voice message on your cell or work phone state that you are unable to take the call or your email stats that you are unable to respond and will get back them as soon as possible. Giving specific dates or reasons why you are gone can tip off people that no one will be home.

5. Stop your mail- A great tip off that a house is empty is the huge pile of mail in the mailbox or on your front porch. Either arrange to have a friend or neighbor pick up your mail or you can go to the post office or online and place a “stop” on your mail for a specific period of time.

6. Spare key- If you don’t follow any of the above tips then you are probably not fooling anyone that you are not home. At least go out and grab the plastic rock or that hidden key under your mat so that its not easy for strangers to enter your home.

These are all great ideas to help keep your home protected and Mortgage Solutions of Georgia hopes that you have a wonderful and safe vacation.

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