Cherokee County

Cherokee County can be considered the county where the metro meets the mountains! Cherokee County is situated a half hour from  Atlanta, and only a few minutes from amazing lake and mountain scenery. Great parks and communities located near historic town centers help make Cherokee County one of the best places to live in Georgia and a continuously growing community.

Cherokee County’s population is rapidly increasing and now exceeding 200,000. Cherokee County is averaging 10% business growth annually and though business in Cherokee County moves at the metro pace, their hospitality is traditionally Southern. Interstate-575 forms the county’s economic and transportation link to Atlanta and the Southeast markets. The county is a signature address for many companies seeking a base of power in the Southeast to position themselves for new global expansion. This has created a bustling job market which makes finding good income employment possible without having to commute to Atlanta.

Cherokee County, nestled at the southern end of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is the home of the highest mountains and most undeveloped land in metro Atlanta. The county has done an amazing job of providing room for quality growth while protecting the area’s many natural resources, scenic vistas, and comfortable residential lifestyle. Many wonderful golf/country club neighborhoods abound in Cherokee County such as Bridge Mill, Bradshaw Farms, and Towne Lake to name a few. Lake Allatoona is also located in the county and offers great fishing, camping, and boating opportunities to enjoy.

Cherokee County, approximately 25 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta, can be considered the hub of the New South. As a key part of the five county, North Atlanta suburban economic engine that leads the nation in growth, it has not only become a beautiful area to live in, but also an area with an actively growing job market. After being rated by the American Business Chronicle as one of the counties with the greatest growth potential in America, it’s no wonder more families are making Cherokee County their choice as one of the best counties in Georgia to live. Come to Cherokee County to enjoy the sites of the Blue Ridge Mountains, beautiful lakes, the busy economy, the pristine family life! Come to Cherokee County to enjoy where the metro meets the mountains!