Low or No Down Payment Programs….Should You Bite?


Does your dream of buying a home seem out of reach? Well, you are not alone. Many aspiring homeowners don’t think it’s realistic to be able to save up for a big down payment. But don’t get discouraged so easily, there are many loan programs out there that will give you 100% financing or you might be able to get a loan with as little as $100 down. Here are 4 options below.

Option #1: FHA $100 Down Program

Like the idea of putting down just one hundred bucks to buy a home? The FHA $100 down program may be just what you are looking for. Although the $100 down program is a little misleading, because you are still required to pay some of your closing costs, typically buyers ending up bring closer to $1000 to the closing table to close out the deal. However, this is still much less expensive than the typically required 3.5% down payment that FHA normally requires. The trick to this loan program is that you have to use an FHA loan to finance the home and you also must purchase a FHA foreclosure to qualify. HUD lists all their foreclosures online at www.hudhomestore.com making it easy to locate these properties, but be prepared to act fast as they typically don’t stay on the market long.

Option #2: FHA Down Payment Assistance Programs.

Buying a home with 20% down may not be realistic, but what if you could knock that number way down? FHA allows government entities and non-profit organizations to issue second mortgages to cover the required 3.5% down payment, and sometimes more. Often times these second mortgages are forgivable after you live in the home for so many years. These programs are often times offered through most counties, and are designed as an incentive to home buyers that want to reside in particular communities.

Option #3: Zero Down VA Home Loan Program

The FHA isn’t the only government loan program offering low down payment programs, if you are a Veteran of the Armed Forces, you may be eligible to take advantage of the VA Loan Program. The VA provides Veterans with one of the best financing options on the market, 100% financing with no down payment. VA loans are made for veterans, active duty military, and their surviving spouses of military members that have died as a result of service. Unlike Conventional loans, they do not require excellent credit scores and provide very flexible underwriting terms.

Option #4: 100% Financing USDA Loan

If you’re not much of a city slicker and instead dream of a home in a rural area, a USDA loan may be good for you. Why? Well, for starters it does not require a down payment and provides home buyers with flexible underwriting terms. The key here though is where the property is located. USDA loans are designed for homes in a rural market for families with low to moderate income households. Most Counties in the State of Georgia have eligible areas for USDA loans; in fact there are only 10 Counties in the entire state that do not have eligible areas. Conversely, more than half the counties in Georgia are 100% eligible for USDA home loan financing.

Bottom-line, if you are in the market to purchase a home, you don’t need a 20% down payment or anywhere close to it. Here at Mortgage Solutions we are USDA, FHA, and VA experts, if you are looking to purchase a home in the future we would love the opportunity to earn your business. Call today for a FREE no obligation mortgage consultation.


5 Tips Successful First Time Home Buyers Know…..


Buying your first home can be both exciting and nerve racking at the same time. No matter how many homes you buy in your lifetime, you will always remember the very first home you purchase. Unfortunately, many qualified first time Home Buyers sit on the sidelines as they watch their friends and family members purchase home mystified why they can’t do the same. Here are 5 things all successful Home Buyers know:

-Get a Thorough Pre-Approval.

When you make the decision that you are going to purchase your first home, the first item you should check off the list is obtaining a solid loan pre-approval. Many unsuspecting first time home buyers start with their big box lender where they bank, and this unfortunately can be a fatal mistake. Big banks are often times very conservative, making it more difficult for you to be approved for a home loan and don’t really care too much to offer you good customer service as we have heard on the news over and over again. When seeking pre-approval, you need to work with a Loan Officer who you can easily get on the phone and freely communicate with. The Loan Officer needs to be a great listener so that he/she can better understand your personal financial situation and then custom tailor a mortgage that is specific to you. A thorough Pre-Approval means running your credit, reviewing some income documents, and discussing potential credit issues if any, and more importantly how to work around them. You should talk to 2-3 Loan Officers before deciding on who you would like to work with. And remember, you don’t have to like what the Loan Officer tells you, what’s most important is that you feel confident he/she can close your loan.


-Work With a Great Realtor.

Just as all Loan Officers are not created equally the same logic applies for Realtors. It seems now a day everyone has someone in their family who is a Realtor, and although the pressure may be great to use your brothers’ girlfriends’ step-mom, it may not be in your best interest. You want to work with a Realtor who does the profession full time, who closes a lot of transactions on an annual basis, and who are flexible enough to work when you are available. A full time Realtor has their finger on the pulse of the local market; they can help you steer clear of potential pitfalls in a home that you may not notice. A great Realtor can tell you what is a good deal and what is not, help you prepare a sales contract, and handle any inspections that are required. A great Realtor will also be able to show you several homes on the market than what you could do on your own. Trusting sites like Zillow or Trulia will quickly lead you down the path of disappointment as most of these homes are already most likely under contract by Home Buyers working with a Realtor.


-Time is of the Essence!

As a first time Home Buyer you have to understand the market we are in. We are in a market with limited inventory (homes listed for sale) and lots of qualified Buyers looking for homes. When a new property comes on the market, is in good condition, and is priced well, it doesn’t stay on the market very long. To be a successful Home Buyer you have to always be looking at homes coming on the market and be prepared to make an offer on it. Time is of the essence also applies to the loan process. Submitting the exact documentation your Loan Officer asks you for in a timely manner is imperative to a successful closing.


-Avoid Fixer Uppers and Short Sales.

Understand that most home loans that First Time Home Buyers obtain are government backed loan. VA, FHA, and USDA would be the most common loans. All of these loans are backed by the federal government and minimum property standards that must be met. A home that requires a full renovation most likely is not going to be compatible with your financing. And although there are specialty mortgage products on the market that allow for renovations on a home, generally speaking these mortgage products should not be attempted by a First Time Home Buyer. The most common repair items we see in Georgia would be rotten wood around doors and windows, flaking paint, missing railing around decks or handrails down stairs, mold issues, or termite damage. If the appraiser notices any of these issues, most likely they will have to be repaired prior to closing.


-Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

Often times I see First Time Home Buyers get worked up over negotiating a sales price down by a thousand or two. Don’t sweat the small stuff! That thousand or two literally might costs you $5 to $10 per month, but worse yet, can cost you the house altogether. This goes for inspections as well. As a First Time Home Buyer it is always recommended that you obtain a Home Inspection, but rest assured this will be a 40 page plus report of absolutely everything wrong with your house. And although you certainly want to address big ticket items, negotiating over an outlet in the dining room that is faulty, that is most likely a $5 repair, won’t get you to the closing table any faster.


If you are looking to be Pre-Approved to purchase your first home, we would love to have the opportunity to earn your business. Call today for a FREE, no obligation loan Pre-Approval. 770-924-1111


4 Important Factors That Affect USDA Loan Eligibility….


The USDA loan is one of the very best financing options for Home Buyers who are purchasing a home in a rural community. Also known as the Section 502 loan, the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan program is a type of home loan insured by the US Department of Agriculture that is designed to make home financing in small, rural communities more affordable. USDA loans have several great benefits, including 100% financing, a very low fixed interest rate, and very low mortgage insurance levels compared to an FHA loan. However, compared to other types of government-insured loans, USDA underwriting standards can be quite particular when it comes to loan approval.

Basically, there are four main factors that can affect eligibility for a USDA home loan: credit worthiness, income, location, and ownership of additional property.

Credit worthiness

One of the first things an USDA underwriter will look at on applications is a history of paying bills on time. In order to qualify for the loan, applicants will generally need to have an unblemished credit record for at least 12 consecutive months. Although, there are exceptions to this, they are not granted often and certainly need to have a logical explanation.


USDA loans are one of the only types of loans on the market where an applicant can earn too much money and this could potentially disqualify them from the mortgage. USDA loans are only eligible for those applicants whose income falls under a USDA-designated income limit. The limits vary from state to state, and this can be viewed through the USDA website. Also, USDA looks at the total income for all income earners in the household. So even if a spouse is not on a mortgage loan, their income will still be considered against the income limit for USDA. In addition, USDA also requires a two-year history of employment or consistent income, although exceptions can be made particularly for students.


Another key requirement for eligibility for a USDA loan is for the home to be located in a designated USDA rural area. The USDA website features an interactive map that shows all of the places in the Georgia that are eligible for a USDA housing loan. A link to this website has been included below.


Additional property

Because it is designed to help those living in rural areas, for families with low to moderate income households, the USDA does not allow buyers to own another property or by another home using the USDA loan. However, the USDA may allow borrowers to keep a second house if it is a mobile home or trailer or if it is not large enough to accommodate the borrower’s family.

If you have more specific questions on the USDA loan program, or would like to see if you qualify for 100% financing, please call our office and we will be glad to help you out. We are Georgia’s USDA experts. 770-924-1111

USDA Underwriting Changes….


Effective December 1st 2014, there will be some new underwriting guidelines that will take effect for USDA loans in Georgia. One of the biggest changes to the guidelines involves the waiving USDA’s 30% site value requirement. The current guideline states that if the site value of the home exceeds more than 30% of the total appraised value of the home, then the home is not eligible for USDA financing. You commonly might run into this issue in larger tracts of land in rural areas like Colquitt, Tift, or Lowndes Counties. Most commonly, you would see this if you have a small home sitting on say 5 acres of land. This combined with a low sales price and you could run into this issue where the land value is worth 30% more than the overall value of the home. You might also run into this issue where land values are more expensive, such as Thomas and Lowndes Counties. Another example of this could be if you have a lake front home. Property surrounding a lake would naturally be more expensive than land that is not on the lake, making it very easy for the land lot itself to exceed 30% of the total value of the home and land together.

But the good news is that this little guideline is being completely taken out of the mortgage guidelines for USDA loans effective December 1st, 2014!

So if you are seeking a USDA loan in Georgia, call the USDA Experts and apply for 100% financing on your new home today! 770-924-1111

Helpful Tip #3….

Let’s talk about setting realistic expectations. We often believe clients who are the most un-happy with the buying process is the result of Loan Officers or Realtors not communicating or setting clear expectations. Nothing is more frustrating that not being able to close on time, or worse, having your home or apartment packed up complete with the moving van in the driveway and then finding out you won’t be able to close on the scheduled date. When issues like this arise, it is most likely due to the setting of unrealistic expectations.When you buy a home, there are many parties involved. All perform specific functions during the loan process. Realtors sell, Underwriters underwrite, Appraisers appraise, Attorneys handle the legal documents, Insurance Agents insure, and then you have your trusty Loan Officer keeping it all together. However, issues do arise which can potentially cause a delay in your closing.

That is why communication is of the utmost importance!

As a buyer, you should be working with a Realtor and Loan Officer who are able to work as a team on your behalf and communicate efficiently. If there are delays in the closing at least you know in advance.

As a homebuyer you should never line up moving services or terminate an existing rental agreement unless you have first cleared this with your Loan Officer.

Last but not least, closing at 2 weeks is the exception not the norm. Especially during the peak buying season during spring and summer. Longer closing times should be expected.

At Mortgage Solutions, we pride ourselves in communication. We have developed a video email campaign that keeps all parties up to date with where we are at in the loan process. We work with our partners to solve issues that may arise during the loan process to ensure that we make it to the closing table on time. And if we don’t make it on time, at least all parties know what the issues are that we are working to get resolved. When it comes to financing a home, patience is required, and just keep in mind that you are “asking” the bank to loan you 10’s of thousands of dollars. Be prepared to share your life story with the lender as they will want to ensure that you are a good risk as a buyer. So whether your looking to use your VA entitlement in Valdosta, or obtain a USDA loan in Dallas, or anywhere in between, work with a Team you can trust, call THE Go-To-Guys!


Close quickly….Tip #2

Today we are going to discuss helpful tip #2 for Realtors to get a loan to the closing table faster. Real Estate tip #2 is make sure to be very detailed and thorough on your sales contract. I know that this sounds simple, but often times loans get hung up through underwriting because lines are not complete, we have missing signatures, items are not dated, or we are missing addendums that were supposedly attached to the sales contract. Here are some basic tips that will make sure you are not responsible for causing any delays when writing a sales contract.1. Make sure all the contract is “fully executed.” In other words, ensure all parties have signed in the appropriate places on the sales contract and all amendments/addendums.

2. Make sure all addendums are included. If you have checked on your sales contract that there is a FHA Loan Exhibit, a Legal Description, or a Community Association Disclosure apart of the sales contract, then rest assured your underwriter is going to want to see a copy of it. Make sure to include it in your sales contract when you email it to your Loan Officer.

3. If the subject property is in a PUD, make sure to include a Community Association Disclosure so that your Loan Officer is aware on any HOA Dues or Initiation fees that need to be added to the Settlement Statement.

4. Provide a clear, legible copy of the sales contract. In most cases we realize that these contracts are emailed/faxed to many parties in order to get all the signatures on the sales contract, but just remember we need a clear and legible copy so the underwriter can read every word on the sales contract. If your contract is not clearly legible, email your Loan Officer a clean unsigned copy of the agreement along with the fully executed copy.

5. In the Special Stip’s section on your contract, do not add in an verbiage to that states Buyer will receive personal items from the sale of the property such as, TV’s, patio furniture, couches, etc. This is considered an inducement to purchase and the underwriter will make you remove this from your sales contract.

6. Be careful with e-signatures. Although a lot of Realtors are utilizing e-signatures, just know that underwriters do not like it and its always best to have people sign the sales contract in ink. In fact, USDA does not allow for the use of e-signatures at all, so if you have a property that is USDA eligible, do not use e-signatures.

Bottom line, we all want happy home buyers as satisfied home buyers are more likely to refer us their friends and family members who are also interested in purchasing a home. Nothing is more delighting to a client than closing on time or closing early which what we strive for. If you know of anyone who would like to discuss the possibility of home ownership with us, please have them call us at our office which is 770-924-1111.

Bottom line, we all want happy home buyers as satisfied home buyers are more likely to refer us their friends and family members who are also interested in purchasing a home. Nothing is more delighting to a client than closing on time or closing early which what we strive for. If you know of anyone who would like to discuss the possibility of home ownership with us, please have them call us at our office which is 770-924-1111.


Close quickly…Tip #1

Person writing check with pen and checkbook
For the next couple of blog postings I am going to be doing a series for potential Home Buyers as well as Realtors in regards to all the ways to help you get to the closing table faster.Today, the topic is Earnest Money. Earnest money is funds that are exchanged between buyer and seller once a contract price has been negotiated. The exchange of funds from the buyer to the seller is to link them together, which commits each party until the closing. The buyer gets credit for this money at the closing table as the Earnest Money will first apply itself towards any part of the closing costs which the seller is not paying. If the seller is paying all the closing costs, then the Earnest Money will apply itself towards the buyers down payment.

However, in order for the Buyer to receive credit for the Earnest Money, we as Loan Officers have to document these funds coming out of the Buyers bank account. Therefore, rule number one is that you as a Buyer should NEVER use cash as your Earnest Money because it is not traceable to an underwriter, and a Realtor should never accept cash as Earnest Money payment. The most common form of providing Earnest Money is by using a personal check. This is fine with an underwriter but if you are wanting to close faster, then a better way to exchange Earnest Money is to have the Buyer obtain a Certified Bank Check. We need to show the Earnest Money funds coming out of the applicants account in order to give them credit for the Earnest Money at closing. If a personal check is given, this check may not be deposited for several days and may take more than a week to clear the applicants account. If a buyer obtains a certified bank check for the Earnest Money, then it comes out of their account the same day they purchase the bank check, speeding the process up!

So if you are looking to close faster, tip #1 is to use a Certified Bank Check for your Earnest Money.


Thursday Success Story….


This week we will be closing yet another VA loan for a client who was declined by Navy Federal Credit Union for their VA loan only days before their scheduled closing date. He was trying to purchase a nice little home for himself and his family in Valdosta, when he received the bad news just before closing. His loan was declined because they said his debt ratio was too high for a VA loan approval and instead of trying to think creatively to determine a solution to the problem, they elected to just decline the loan altogether.

In steps THE Go-To-Guys…..

So quickly after taking the clients information we soon discovered that his debt ratio was in fact too high for a VA loan. We then contacted the Realtors and began re-negotiating the sales contract to have the seller pay off a debt for the Veteran at closing in order to lower his debt ratio and to help him qualify for the home. This was a relatively easy change, yet no one at the Credit Union knew their VA guidelines well enough to know that this was a viable solution.

Bottom line, not all Mortgage Lenders are created equal. Unfortunately, this scenario happens almost daily in our office. If Home Buyers only knew they had a better choice! You see at Mortgage Solutions of Georgia, we don’t do car loans, checking accounts, or personal loans, we do home loans ONLY! So when you need a home loan, leave it to the professionals, call THE Go-To-Guys!

5 Reasons You Should Use an Independent Lender for your Home Financing Needs…….


Lowest Rate: Mortgage Brokers have lower overhead which results in lower fees and lower rates, we don’t represent just one banks rates, we can shop all the lenders and leverage our purchasing power to find the lowest best loan product with the best rate for you!

1. More Loan Program Options: Banks specialize only in a handful of loan products. One bank may offer a certain loan type that another bank will not. You can save yourself a lot of time and energy by working with an independent mortgage lender that has access to all available loan programs, all under one roof.

2. No Bankers Hours! An independent mortgage lender like us works when you need them. That’s means nights and weekends as well. We are available by phone text or email anytime you need us and always respond right away. In fact, hour office hours are 8:00AM to 7:00PM, but when you’re a client of ours, you get our cell phones for those afterhours calls. We are here for you! Try to get that kind of service from your Big Bank Lender.

3. Speed and Efficiency: Big Banks have departments spread all over the United States that can cause delays in your closing and longer processing times, like 30, 60, or even 90 days! We can close a mortgage loan from start to finish in as little as 14 days! Our job is not only to get you a great deal, but to also get you to the closing table quickly and efficiently. We don’t get paid a single dime until your loan closes, so we are on your side from start to finish!

4. Better in EVERY Way! Because we work by referral only, doing a great job for you is out number one priority because we want you to tell all your friends about us, that’s how we earn our living! We are educated and required to take continuing education courses to keep us sharp, does your local bank jockey have to do that? Nope! And lastly, we know what we are doing and do it with a sense of urgency. You can learn this business by reading a book or taking an online course, you learn this business by experience. And out team collectively has over 30 years of experience in closing over 250 loans a year on an annual basis. There isn’t a problem or situation that we haven’t seen and don’t know how to deal with.

So if you are looking to purchase a home anywhere in the State of Georgia and 100% financing or just need a great mortgage loan in general, feel free to call our office anytime! 770-924-1111

Home Buyers Listen Up! You have Choices….


Buying your first home can be both a rewarding and stressful time for most first time homebuyers. There are all different kinds of loan products with varying degrees of down payments that all need to be considered. When you embark on the largest financial investment you will most likely ever make, you have to have a trusted professional working on your behalf, advising you along the way, and that’s where The Go-To-Guys at Mortgage Solutions of Georgia can help you every step of the way!

Most unknowing Home Buyers will turn to their Big Bank for loan pre-approval, but Home Buyers, listen up, because you have a choice!

Now I know that you that you guys think that because a Bank is nationwide, are huge, and have many branches that they must be reputable right?

Wrong!-Quite the contrary, bigger is not always better in this instance.

“But Wal-Mart is big and because they are so big they pass their savings on to us, isn’t banking just like that?”

No!-It’s not just like that. Not to mention that you don’t need good customer service when you are buying a $10 hammer or a bag of chips! But you do need it when you’re purchasing a house for hundreds of thousands of dollars. You don’t always have to use the biggest stores around, but I get it, we have been wired that way. We buy everything that way, whether it’s Home Depot, Wal-Mart, or Costco. But not this guys, this is your future home and you need a true professional to help you through the entire process. Oh, and speaking of being professional and being with you every step of the way. You guys don’t get to figure this out until it’s often times too late, but when you go to that Big Bank store for your financing needs, guess what? Oh you get to talk to someone at the Branch level alright, but say sayonara to that person because that’s the last time you’re going to talk to them about your loan. Your loan gets cut into pieces from there and gets shipped into different states. Your Processing department may be in Illinois, while your underwriter may be in Texas, and guess what happens to your appraisal? You guessed it, shipped to another state! Your loan gets all chopped up and sent out to La-La Land, it’s great!

“But wait, I have a question, who should I call?”

I don’t know, do you call your Processor in Illinois or your underwriter in Texas? Good luck with that question! Maybe your question is:

“Hey I’m not sure if this loan is right for me, or maybe you want to lock your loan in, or even know what that means.”

Good luck asking your Branch Representative that question. Did you know that the GO-To-Guys at Mortgage Solutions of Georgia are NMLS certified and have continuing education to keep them, sharp? Does your Bank Loan Jockey have that? Nope! Most likely he/she is a glorified order taker who will most likely put you in the loan with the least path of resistance that may not be the best loan for you. They certainly won’t explain all the different loan options available to you and most likely will have higher credit score requirements and more restrictive underwriting guidelines making it more costly and more difficult for you to be approved with them.

And I know there are those out there who think they are going to get a “great deal” from Big Bank X because you have banked with them for 30 years, surely they are going to treat me different and give me better rates right? Nope!

You’re going to be treated equally, meaning you’re going to get the same deal as that dude who just walked in off the street and opened a free account and has no money deposited. You are no different!

  1. You are not getting a “really good deal.”
  2. They aren’t going to bend the rules for you because you’re a loyal client.
  3. And they surely aren’t going to hand you many blindly.

Look, you don’t know what you don’t know and trust me; you don’t know how poor of an experience you can have with these big banks. I’ve seen it, I have heard the horror stories, and heck we have saved many deals from their grasp of incompetence. The Go-To-Guys at Mortgage Solutions of Georgia will be the first and last people you talk to during your home buying process. We have local processing, local underwriting, and local appraisers. We are the Quarterbacks of your loan, and you don’t get shipped off to La-La Land. When you work with The Go-To-Guys and you have questions, you can rest assured that they will have the answer and will actually pick up the phone when you call.

We coin ourselves your Blue Collar Mortgage Team, we are just normal everyday guys who you see at the grocery store or your kids soccer game, we are a part of you, we strive to offer exceptional service because that’s the right thing to do, not to mention your referrals of your friends and family members are a vital part of our small business. We need to treat all our clients’ right, because our business depends on it!

That’s also why big banks don’t care too much when they don’t treat you right. Guess what? There’s most likely 100 more people just like you walking in the door right behind you. You are one of many, and letting one person down just isn’t that big of a deal to them.

Banks are good for one thing only, holding your money period. Leave the lending to the professionals. You owe it to yourselves to call The Go-To-Guys at Mortgage Solutions of Georgia.